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Results oriented, exceptional science…
Creation of unique intellectual property

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Unparalleled efficiency …
Internally developed compounds in human trials in less than 3 years

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Highly skilled professional team….
Achieve goals on target and within budget

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Proven process optimization and scale up….
Novel groundbreaking chemistry for multikilo scaleup

Welcome To ChemoGenics BioPharma

As a drug discovery research and service based organization, ChemoGenics BioPharma strives to be the partner of choice for one-stop high quality and economically feasible solutions to multiple aspects of the drug discovery process. We provide services to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology as well as academic and government institutions around the globe.

Our services focus on the preclinical aspects of drug discovery. We have consistently delivered exceptional value to both large as well as small research laboratories, our client satisfaction is measured by a large number (>90%) of repeat clients. We have state of art facilities such as two LC/MS/MS instruments with diode array detectors, a direct proble MS, ELSD, Semi-preparative HPLC, CEM discovery explorer for microwave synthesis, automated flash chromatography systems etc.

We have successfully generated chemical composition of matter for companies that don't have in-house chemistry capabilities. Since our inception, we have completed several multi-year long FTE-based projects.

Global Reach

We have service facilities in the Research Triangle Park Area in the United States. We have served clients both in the U.S. as well as in Europe. We are committed to hiring talented chemist within the US. Our FTE-Based rates are extremely competitive. Our company values your IP. We will maximize your potential without the added risk of IP dilution.


Our core team consists of scientific experts that have 10+ years of experience in the preclinical aspects of the drug discovery process. Our strengths include Medicinal Chemistry, Cheminformatics, Bioinformatics, ADMET, in vivo Pharmacology in the areas of Metabolic Disease, Oncology and Inflammation. We have expertise in working with various target classes, ranging from Kinases, GPCRs, Proteases and Nuclear Receptors.

Wide range of services

Our in-house experts provide their services as a low cost alternative to manage escalating R&D costs so that you can focus solely on the other important aspects of the drug discovery process. We have consistantly delivered on many aspects of our wide range of services.